Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Pink June Sweetness

It's nearly midsummer and despite the lack of consistent midsummer sun in this part of the world, the last week has been full of summery sweetness, much of it pink, to my delight!

Strawberries grown on the farm down the road ...

... waiting to be eaten just as they are and also to be bubbled up with sugar this morning to make jam.

Raspberries also from the farm down the road, eaten just as they are, warm out of the punnet - no adornments or accompaniments - just too luscious to make it to the preserving pan.

Two of my favourite, intensely scented midsummer roses, in full bloom in the garden - Louise Odier ...

... and Rosa Mundi.

This enchanting pink pin cushion made for me by my hooky friend, Helen, of Belmont Yarns - isn't it gorgeous? Of course it can only have colour coded pins stuck in it and not so many that the beautiful little bird is obscured either! White, pale green and pale blue pins only! I have parked all the un-matching yellow, red, black and dark blue ones elsewhere! 

A little bit of pink summery stripy hooky.

Pink June Sweetness in all its glory! 

Happy Midsummer-tide everyone!


  1. Yum to all of it! I love pink....the fruit looks lovely, I think I agree, I would find it hard not to enjoy the raspberries as is, however, I may be persuaded by some tart and creamy raspberry ripple ice-cream....I know Nigella does a recipe, but have never got to making it.

    The pink pin cushion is beautiful, clever Helen!

  2. What a lovely way to celebrate Midsummer Day. My Rosa Mundi is only just starting to flower - yours looks wonderful. Pink is definitely the right colour for today and the strawberries and raspberries look delicious.
    Best wishes

  3. Lovely! I love the midsummer soft fruits. I may go fruit picking with Bella at the weekend and make some jam. I have about fifty empty jam jars, lined up on a shelf, taunting me. x

  4. What beautiful pink pictures! One of things on my to do list this year is to make jam for the first time. My sister bought me some pretty jam covers with sweet fabric covers for Christmas in preparation! Your pictures have inspired me to give it a go very soon! Rachel x

  5. Thanks for your "pink things" - I needed a bit of cheer today. And I'm reminded to check the nearby farm to see if the raspberries are ready for picking!


  6. lovely pictures!

    Pink, Purple and Green crochet! Makes my heart purr! My wedding colours!


  7. Happy pink things. Just the ticket on a damp windy day like today.

  8. Those raspberries look lush. Have you tried fresh raspberries on soda bread and butter ... truly divine!

  9. That Louise Odier is stunning, and I love your little birdie pincushion :)

  10. Your summer stripes are VERY pretty! I hope you get some sunshine soon!


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