Wednesday, 3 July 2013


June has mostly been a miserably grey and damp month here in the UK and high hopes of sunshine and summery living seem to have had to move to the back-burner. I am not sure whether this summer is actually any worse than other British summers, but we seem to be more sensitive about it somehow, or perhaps it's just me. I read an article in The Guardian the other day, following a meteorological conference in London to discuss the serious question of what has happened to summer in the UK, which, needless to say, failed to come up with much that made cheery reading and I was struck by the point of view that actually this little old island in the middle of the north Atlantic cannot expect to bask in sunshine all summer and we are lucky to get what we do.

Perhaps easier and more frequent travel, to warmer and sunnier climes, has made us think, not entirely reasonably, that we ought to be able to live a similar, sun-blessed lifestyle back home. Foolish when you think about it, of course, but somehow it seems to pervade the way we Brits approach the weather and we get disproportionately disgruntled when picnics have to be eaten huddled under blankets, rain stops play and the BarBQ rusts quietly, as it sits unused in a corner of the garden.

But in truth there have been moments of summer sunshine, amid the grey clouds, and possibly they are the more treasured because they have not been two-a-penny. Putting together moments I had snapped with my camera over the last few weeks almost makes one whole long hot day too! This is a conceit - the pics were taken over the course of the whole of June but I find the idea cheering so I am going with it.

early morning sun coming through the leaves onto the saucers of elderflower blossom that are late this year but now covering the trees in foamy platefuls:

mid-morning sun on a bit of hooky in the garden:

noontide sun on a busy bee in the purple geraniums:

afternoon sun shining through red and white polka dot muffin papers onto strawberry and banana muffins (I love these muffin wrappers - I got them here if you're interested; a bit expensive at £4.99 for twelve but I love them anyway):

evening sun on the leaves of a walnut tree, grasses blowing in the breeze and wild roses in the hedgerow against a miraculously clear blue sky:

They say the UK weather is going to take a more stable turn for the better at the end of the week but then they said that last week and after a couple of warm days it disappeared again so I am not holding my breath. If I want days of unbroken sunshine I may have to revert to the conceit of my pics! After all they also say, "The camera cannot lie"! Here's hoping!


  1. Seems like the usual summer to me. I don't know why the British people have got it into their collective heads that we are supposed to have three months of heat. I think foreign travel is to blame as you say.

  2. It has been very mixed this year, but then again the last few summers have not been great. I think that after such a look cold winter here in the UK we are just willing the sun to shine that bit more. I don't mind so much as I have a medication enduced sun allergy, so sunny day mean wrapping up in lots of layers and a parasol. I'm so looking forward to some sun this weekend as I've come off the medication so I can go away. I love the idea of your post capturing the summertime, so you can look back it on those rainy gloomy grey days.

    Clare x

  3. What pretty photos! I do love that Bee on the Geranium. Enjoy the sun, it feels like it is coming. Minerva x

  4. I do think looking back through happy photos is cheering! It is hot here, but not as hot as usual, so we still have a slightly green tint to our grass. Soon enough it will turn brown and crunchy. I suppose all places have their good and their bad climate points. I, for one, am very envious of all your green and your beautiful flowers:)

  5. I'm seeking the sun the traditional way. By aeroplane. So it'll be blistering here all next week, no doubt!

  6. Let's 99 degrees here today, and so many complaining of the heat. It makes me smile. I will cherish the few cool days we had in June - just like you but vice verse. ;-)

    Elderflower? I am unfamiliar with this variety, but it is so pretty!

    Ooooooo...what is that hooky project? And what stitch is that? I am intrigued, of course.

  7. Umm, I know what you mean, but I'm taking the car to the garage today to have the air-conditioning fixed in readiness- I live in hope!

  8. I think our winter was a long cold one. So we all were waiting for the warmth of summer. Unfortunately here in Kent even though we have had some sunny days, the wind has made it quite chilly.
    I like to think we would be enjoying our evening meals outside by now, but it hasnt been warm enough yet. Maybe we will get a late summer that we can all enjoy.
    I love your pics :)
    Sally x

  9. Hello Elizabeth, 🌹
    Beautiful photos, i like them, i send you the sun of Provence ...yes because now we have sun,yes!,after the rain of the spring !!!!!...lovely Colors you knitting.....and beautiful bee🐝
    Bye bye from Muriel du Monde De Miel

  10. I don't want sun all day every day, but it's been good this week to go out without a jumper (my definition of summer)and at last everything is growing, though harvest in both fields and garden is at least a fortnight behind. I remember childhood summers as sunny but also remember endless games of cards when the rain beat down on the windows so nothing changes. But

  11. Your pictures are gloriously summery and you've captured the different feel of the light at different times of day so well. I think we've had a fair bit of dry weather in Yorkshire but it's often quite cool. The breeze is distinctly chilly up here. But then or course since Friday it's been heavenly and, like everyone else, I'm making the most of this beautiful warm weather. x


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