Friday, 20 September 2013

Sea-Ripple Ahoy!

My sea-ripple blanket has cast its anchor and is happily afloat!

It has taken a long time to complete - over a year. In the meantime there have been fits and starts in the making of it but finally it's left the harbour of my work-basket and its waves now undulate freely across the bed.

I like it very much - it evokes exactly the memories and feel of the sea that I wanted it to, from the pale, feathery colours of the shallows lapping against the shore to the more mysteriously intense depths further out. 

There are some dark bands of indigo and midnight echoing the deep ocean where the sunlight does not fall and the water is almost, but not quite, black. 

And there are some vivid splashes of turquoise and aqua echoing where the opposite is true and the sun turns the water in a shallow lagoon to an azure jewel.

There are memories here of geographically different seas - the greyer, slatier blues of northern waters and the deep royal and turquoise blues of seas further south; evocations of childhood seaside holidays with sand and ice cream and of student trips to the Mediterranean where beaches were interspersed with archaeological sites as well as more recent seaward forays. I like that and never thought it would be such a powerful evoker of the past when I began it. Funny how these things go. 

If you're interested in the technical details, I used Lucy of Attic 24's beautiful Neat Ripple Pattern
and the yarn is the following 23 colours of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.

Silver 012
Pale blue 202
Pale green 003
Duck egg 026
Teal blue 203
Kingfisher 059
Spearmint 040
Chalk blue 073
Spruce 031
Aqua blue 046
Delphinium 070
Blue 032
Baby blue 204
Mid blue 071
Grey blue 055
Graphite 057
Bluebell 057
Lavender 033
Ultramarine 075
Midnight 008
Ecru 101
Indigo 207
Denim 027

I repeated the run of all the colours three times and then did six stripes of a fourth run as it wasn't quite big enough without. It measures 145 cm wide and 180 cm long - big enough to be a practical bed-covering but not so big as to make it impossible to handle in the wash (I hope!).

I used about two and a half balls of each colour so it's not exactly been a frugal project but fortunately I already had quite a number of the colours in my stash and so I didn't have to buy it all from scratch, all at once. It's always a dilemma as to how much to spend on yarn for a big project like this but in the end I'm glad I didn't spoil the ship for a happ'orth of tar. An awful lot of time and work has gone into it and the feel of the result is as important to me as the look.

I haven't added a border; partly because I am lazy; partly because I think it's OK without and partly because I like the idea that there's something symbolic about the waves not being contained. 

Now that this blanket is out to sea, I ought to feel my blanket-making urge is satisfied but my blanket-making hook is strangely fidgety! We'll see where it goes! 

Wishing you all a ripplingly good weekend!

E x


  1. I feel you should turn your dining table upside down, run up a flag and set sail with your blanket. What good timing for the cooler weather too.
    A wonderful blanket Elizabeth.

  2. Dear E
    That is absolutely stunning and the colours go together so well - lots of my favourites in there! A long project but well worth all the time and effort lavished on it as the finished result is a blanket to be proud of.
    Many congratulations!
    Best wishes

  3. It is just beautiful.

    The lack of border works so well, as does the colour arrangements. One day I'd like to make a ripple entirely in cashmerino, it really is the nicest yarn. I know it's pricey but I think that if you are going to spend so long working on a project, and you want to enjoy using that blanket for years to come, then - providing budget allows - it makes sense to use the best materials you can afford. x

  4. very snuggly...wrap it round and float away!!!

  5. beautiful blanket, in lovely hues. congratulations!

  6. Really beautiful ! Bravo !


  7. How beautiful. The colours are fantastic. X

  8. I love all these sea shades together, I've just finished a blanket from the same ripple pattern, I loved making it, mines in bright, rainbow colours though.

  9. Cripes!! bet this cost a bomb, using all that quality yarn. I am envious - it must feel beautiful to work with. And it is quite lovely E, the colours are fantastic - worth every penny I'd say!

  10. I love everything about's absolutely beautiful. The shades you have selected work together so perfectly and I think you were so right to include that wonderful indigo.
    I am looking at a ripple cushion I made about 18 months ago with some very dubious French yarn ( I was just starting out and there was a limited choice locally) .It's looking decidedly shabby now and I'm thinking its only really fit for the cat basket !
    I think you were right to make this in the "posh stuff" ...pricey,yes-but it will surely stand the test of time.
    I have made a large ( king bed sized) blanket out of Stylecraft Special and this has proved to be hard wearing and ( relatively) cat-proof .
    Best wishes from SW France.

  11. The colours are absolutely stunning-I love how they graduate into each other and call up all sorts of beautiful memories of the ocean!

  12. Wow, that's beautiful. It really does reflect the sea and beach. I wish I had as good a colour sense, my work can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to the colours. I have never managed a "theme".

  13. I'm soon to start a multi coloured ripple blanket (also from Lucy's great ripple pattern!)... I absolutely love your sea theme though. What a lovely idea and it works so well. Congratulations, it's gorgeous! xx

  14. I see the sea, I really do ... it's gorgeous Elizabeth :)

  15. Oh my goodness - it is just glorious! And bravo on seeing such a big project through to completion!

  16. Your blanket was an extremely ambitious project with magnificent results. Sail on in warmth and comfort in those gorgeous colors!

  17. What a beauty! Definitely doesn't need a border as you say seems like the waves are uncontained.

  18. I love it -- beautiful, as all your work is! I love mine (even though it's much more garish than yours;) but with all the uncareful boys and pets around here I only let them wrap up in it with supervision -- in other words, put it away when you are done! Today is finally a bit cooler here. I have a giant granny blanket I have let languish. I think I need to get it back out.

  19. I must go down to the sea again... The colours are lovely. I like how you can say where the sea looks like each one. Living in Liverpool if I made a sea ripple it would be grey, just grey.

  20. Rippingly good is right! Everyone one of those colors is exactly what you wrote. You have a knack, my friend. :-)

  21. Oh E - it's stunning! Such a perfect way to bring some brightness into the house in the autumn/winter months. And cashmerino?! I can already imagine how snuggly it is!!!! Enjoy your blanket :) x

  22. Beautiful. I so wish I was good with colors like this. I have made MANY ripple ghans in my life, but Lucy's Neat Ripple formula is my favorite. You have brought it to a beautiful conclusion. Love love this.

  23. Oh my, it's utterly beautiful! Loveliest choice of colours too - I do so love crochet that tells a story.

    Heather x

  24. Oh my word, this is beautiful. I'd love a snuggle underneath this ripple!

    Helen xx


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