Wednesday, 23 October 2013

"Smarties" Cushion

This is another of my leftover summer projects that's been sitting around waiting to be finished. It didn't start off as a a cushion at all. In fact, it was intended to become a Granny Square cardigan but my courage failed me and I wasn't sure I could bring such an ambitious project off successfully.

The pattern for the squares is a an adaptation of Sue Pinner's which she used to make her most beautiful Granny Square coat which you can see here. Fabulous isn't it? You can obtain the pattern both for the squares and the cardigan itself by subscribing to Sue's Granny Square Pattern Club site. (If you like her book, this site is super and well worth joining - the only problem is finding the time to make everything I want to make from it. Details for how to join are on the sidebar of Sue's blog, The 8th Gem, if you're interested.)

Anyway back to the cushion. I used one colour for the coloured centres, rather than two, and the effect reminds me irresistibly of these:

"Smarties" for UK peeps. Not sure what you call these in the US and elsewhere. M&Ms? Anyway convex chocolate buttons covered in brightly coloured candy "shells". Yummy. Small pause while I check whether they are indeed as yummy as they were when I last checked, five minutes ago. Small pause again, to decide that, yes, they are indeed just as yummy!

The yarn is the Spud and ChloĆ« Sweater yarn I used for my pot-holders. It comes in a mouthwatering range of colours. I especially like the turquoises and pinks (see the pot-holders!). I've used twelve colours in total here, as well as the deliciously named "ice cream" for the background. The yarn, as I've said before, is unfortunately rather expensive, which contributed to my abandoning the cardigan idea which would have required me to buy a lot more.

This is the first project I have experimented with using a very pale neutral as a background colour - I really like it and wonder what's taken me so long!

The cover is fastened with simple chain loops over these gorgeous velvet-covered buttons which themselves look rather like "Smarties" too!

Furry "Smarties" though? Not sure about that!

Be that as it may, as the days grow greyer and more autumnal, this is a pop of glowing sunshine inside that is most welcome.

Now, never mind the cushion, where are the rest of those "Smarties"?! 

Funnily enough, there don't seem to be quite as many left, as when I started writing this!


  1. I do like those buttons - and of course the cushion. I'm not sure if the smarties association would make me crave them every time I sat near the cushion though! You certainly have a good eye for colour . Think I shall have to find a small piece of chocolate now.

  2. Oh you are clever....just finishing it is a major achievement in my book!..I love your smartie 'pops' of colour...and those velvet buttons are delightful...inspiring me for coat buttons???
    bestest wishes to you today
    daisy x

  3. Love the cushion and the colors! So colorful and happy :-)

  4. Dear E - how I giggled thru your post....smarties are one of the many things I miss from the UK (galaxy choc being another!)!!! I love your cushion and REALLY think you need to give the granny square coat a try. You are so talented that I'm sure you'd make a stunning coat....looking forward to seeing it!!! xxx

  5. Gorgeous colours! I currently have the Granny square book out from the library, I keep renewing and renewing because its so lovely
    I love your smartie inspiration, perfect range of colours, especially with the neutral background

  6. Dear E
    What a fabulous cushion with its matching velvety buttons! I love it! Congratulations on another finished project - you are zooming thorugh them now.
    Best wishes

  7. Really lovely, especially those funky buttons! Love the inspiration too :)

    S x

  8. Oh my goodness, that pillow is spectacular. I love the colors with the paler neutral background. It does look like the candy, so not only is it functional but looks yummy all at the same time.
    Well done,

  9. I love the velvet buttons! Did you cover them yourself or find them somewhere? Your blog post inspires me to envision a bedroom decorated using these bright colors--so cheerful and engaging.

  10. That is so bright and beautiful, and I love the button closures. Regarding those yummy candies -- Smarties in the U.S. are totally different, a kind of chalky tart candy, they come in a clear cellophane roll, and instead of being convex they're concave. The chocolate-covered candies are certainly M&Ms over here, but the colors are different, not so bright as yours. At first I thought they were Skittles, which are not chocolate at all, but have chewy fruity soft insides. Oh, the complexities of candy!

  11. Love this E, I have been toying with cushion covers - I have two brand new cushion 'innards' which have been sat in my wardrobe for about two years waiting for adornment! Your finished one is inspiring - the sort of thing I want to do with mine.

  12. I love your happy cushion -- those velvety buttons are perfect, too! And I want to know your secret to how you can eat your candy and keep your beautiful trim figure:)

  13. Hi thanks for the cub mention and glad you are enjoying it, copy and print the patterns if you want..lots are.
    Love the smartie cushion love that the book patterns are being adapted to other projects just as I had hoped
    hugs x

  14. It's very, very beautiful. I think a neutral background is often the best way to show off such candy colours. These sorts of patterns do remind me of sweets, and watercolour paints too. Just lovely. x


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