Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Eastertide 2015

There is an ancient Chinese proverb that comes alive in Holy Week and Easter

"I hear and I forget;
                               I see and I remember;
                                                                  I do and I understand."

I increasingly think that "doing" is more important than "hearing" or "seeing". Which is perhaps an odd thing to say when I spend so much of my time listening, writing, reading and speaking. But it's true, I think. And this Easter has been a wonderful journey of "doing" in all sorts of ways, both sacred and secular. An "alive" mixture of meaningfully-serious and frothy-and-frivolous. I recommend it for the sheer, accentuated feeling of being alive that comes in its wake. I do much the same things every Eastertide, but some years are special, for some reason, and 2015 is one of them.

Tutorial for these eggs here
Wishing you all 
 the Easter blessing of living life to the full, 
with those you love best.

May life, light, love, peace and joy be yours. 

E x


  1. What joyful Easter photos. I love your decorated bay tree and pink blossom against a blue sky is one of my favourite things. Have a wonderful week. x

  2. Hello Mrs. T! I don't know about you but as soon as the sun begins to shine, the days get longer and warmer, and the birds are twittering about the garden, I too feel the urge to get up and be doing things, particularly outside. I still drop in on your blog from time to time and love seeing your creations. My blogging career has become very erratic! Still, hope to catch up some time in the summer. All the best, Judy.

  3. Your eggs look wonderful, I love the way the lettering looks, so subtle compared to the original tutorial! Delighted you had such a wonderful Easter, how long will you leave your gorgeous decorations up? I take mine down quite quickly but will leave a couple of things out as the Catholic church (hubby practises) teaches that the season lasts for 50 days, ending at Pentecost xx

  4. Dear Mrs T
    Easter looks as though it was a lovely celebration for you. I saw the eggs tutorial too but didn't get round to making them. It's a great idea though.
    Have a good rest of the week.
    Best wishes

  5. Superbe article et superbes photos ..... merci !!!

  6. And a very Happy Easter to you and yours Elizabeth! xxx

  7. Magnifiques photos ! J'adore le petit nid que tu as crocheté ! (sur les deux dernières photos)

  8. Thank you for the blessings Elizabeth. I wish you the very best, too. Your Easter decorations are beautiful, particularly the simple cross. xx

  9. Thank you, Elizabeth. Hope you had a Happy Easter. We had beautiful weather, so we were able to sit outside and have lunch in the country with Dennis's family. The eggs are such an interesting idea. They offer possibilities for all sorts of personalized messages, too. Your crochet bowl is beautiful, too. I have some time off this week and have been happily "doing," while trying not to "overdo" too much.

  10. Beautiful colours. I love the eggs, which at first I thought might be soap eggs but having followed the link I realise they're not.
    Doing is good. Very good.

  11. What a lovely feast for the eyes, this post! I am just now getting to read/see it and I love the crocheted eggs, the clay eggs, the beautiful pics of flowers and church, etc. But Elizabeth...THAT NEST!!! Did you make it up as you crocheted? Did you follow a patten? It is divine! Do share about that sometime.😃 I hope your Easter weekend was glorious!

  12. Wonderful photo's, the wreath is stunning.
    Clare x

  13. Beautiful post today my friend.

  14. Thank you all so much for your kind comments - so kind of you all. If anyone wants the low down on the crocheted nest, you can find my post about it here
    It was fun to do and I'm thinking I might make another slightly bigger one to accommodate both the creme egg-laying chickens and these new eggs. Not least, as one clay egg wouldn't fit in this one so the one marked "hope" had to be left out which seems a bit bad! E x

  15. I have found today your blog. I like crocheting and paint!
    have a nice day!


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