Wednesday, 31 May 2017

The evening after ...

The evening after the six days before...
... bliss!

на здоровье!
To health!

E x


  1. Well deserved!
    Still reading your last post, lots to think about but will leave a comment once I have done my thinking :-)

  2. The whole of last week's budget blown in one evening!

  3. Twas a very thought provoking week with you. It reminded me of the sacrifices of my grandparents and parents during the depression and WWII with rationing etc. Stories out of Venezuela and the pictures of empty shelves. The stories that tell us that most of the population is 2 paychecks from living on the street. Many things we aught to all be mindful of. And I will admit that I am eyeing my garden with more appreciation than I did last week! Enjoy your good tea, methinks you earned it!!


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