Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Glow

A Christmas moon glowing in the blue of today's early morning sky. It was even better yesterday - a perfect, creamy golden sphere with three skeins of cloud lying across it in quite even stripes - only snag was I didn't have my camera with me.

It was still pretty good this morning though.

Spiced apple juice, sparkling in a pan, waiting to be poured into these:

I like spiced apple juice very much - I think it's just as good as mulled wine, quite honestly. Good if you want something seasonal but non-alcoholic.

To make it, just tip a litre (or two) of clear apple juice into a pan. Add some cloves, a cinnamon stick, a star anise and some fresh ginger, peeled and sliced as thick as pound coins, and heat gently until hot, but not boiling. That's it. I don't think it needs any extra sugar. Pour into heat-proof glasses or mugs when it's had time for the spices to infuse the juice nicely. If you make it the day before, it's even better so leave any leftovers to infuse even longer (if there are any, that is!)

Some winter twigs in a jug twinkling with white fairy lights and some clear glass ornaments - Christmassy but not the full multicolour version yet - partly because my tree is still outside in the rain and I have had no time to bring it in. 

And partly because I've needed a bit of instant Christmas glow this evening and it's fitted the bill nicely. Technical advice however will need to be sought, as the arrangement is slightly precarious - perhaps my bright idea of wedging the twigs in the jug with pine cones was not very well thought-through. The whole thing wobbles slightly alarmingly, if nudged!

Nobody must either touch it, or even breathe near it for the time being! Looking is fine though and its quiet, understated stillness is just what I need right now.

Wishing you too, a peaceful Christmas glow in whatever you are busy with.

E x


  1. I wished I had my camera to photograph the moon too! Your bare twigs and light somehow look more "right" than a vivid evergreen, though that may be because I've seen more than enough Christmas trees over the past few weeks.
    You could add a glug of your blackberry gin to your spiced apple juice - much, much better than mulled wine. Ax

  2. The moon has been beautiful lately. I travel to work at about 8am each day and the sun low in the sky has been stunning - although I really should keep my eyes on the road! I have got a jug of twigs in a similar predicament - currently they are being propped up in a tall jug with a cardboard tube and about 4lbs of rice - I'm not convinced it'll make it until the big day. May well give the spiced apple juice a try - thanks for that x Jane

  3. You're wobbily twig looks gorgeous all icey and wonderful, will give the spice apple juice a go, as it's nice to have something Chritmassy that is alcohol free, have a wonderful Christmas time. Ps our trees not up yet either, unless you count tiny pink fluffy one in my room.
    Clare xx

  4. I too was impressed by the beautiful moon and your photos have captured it nicely. Thank you for the recipe I am going to try this. I rarely drink alcohol so am always on the look out for nice things to drink when others are getting merry!
    Jille xx

  5. Dear Mrs T
    What lovely atmospheric photos of the moon. I am going to have to try the spiced apple juice too, just because it sounds so delicious. The wobbly twig looks incredibly elegant, even if it is somewhat precarious...
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Best wishes

  6. Mulled cider, yum. Makes me want some ! Your twig tree is wonderful, too.

  7. Aaaaaaa...yes, understated stillness - cooking up some of that might be in order for me today. The ornaments looks like real ice. Nice!

  8. What a shame, I missed the full moon. There has been complete cloud cover for days and days now. Well, nights and nights I suppose. Your photo is stunning and makes up for missing the real full moon. Cx

  9. The quiet underrated stillness is beautiful, I love it. Wonderful photos of the moon, we noticed it here too. The spiced apple juice looks lovely, I might try making some, as we don't drink here so it would be perfect instead of mulled wine.

  10. What spectacular full moon photos! I noticed it too, but was without my camera at the time. You captured it beautifully. I like the sound of your spiced apple juice. I tried mulled cider for the first time last week. Diluted with ginger beer is was much less potent than mulled wine and very delicious. x

  11. All so very beautiful! I love a moon-filled sky like that.

  12. I love your classy twigs! Fabulous moon shot. And great idea for the spiced apple juice. Have a delightful Christmas Elizabeth.

  13. Ooh ... spiced apple juice is my favourite too :D

    Here's hoping you had a fabulous Christmas Elizabeth and that the year ahead brings much peace and joy x

  14. Dear E - Blessed Christmas wishes ..... and a peaceful New Year .... xxx

  15. What a beautiful moon. A real moment of calm at a super busy time.
    Best wishes for 2013! x

  16. Hi Elizabeth -I love the sound of the spiced apple juice. We have been drinking lots of a store version and love the idea of making our own! Fab moon photos! Wishing you all the best for the New year with best wishes Nikki x


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