Saturday, 29 December 2012

On The Fifth Day of Christmas

Not five gold rings but three little golden gingerbread houses with glassy windows, made out of Fox's Glacier Mints.

H and I made these together in the run up to Christmas to eat at home and to give away. Next time, I will remember to make chimneys, as the absence of same meant that my happy idea of lighting little candles inside, so that light shines from the windows, only lasted for about five seconds before the candles went out so apologies for the rather poor pic quality but it had to be a speedy snap or nothing!

They are a sweet-tasting reminder of all that's lovely about being at home together, partly and importantly because of the companionable process of making them and partly because the end products are these endearing, if rustic, little houses.

Who would not want to live in one of these where, instead of mangy moss on the roof tiles, there are tiny Smarties; thick royal icing acts as mortar instead of concrete; the window panes never need cleaning because they are made out of boiled sweets and if you're hungry you could nibble on one of the gingerbread walls?! Fairy tale stuff indeed. Our homes are not always straight out of fairy tales - mine certainly isn't, but wherever they are and whatever their characteristics, they are important - places to belong and feel secure and we all need that both literally and figuratively.

May you be blessed with happiness in your home; may it be to you and yours, a place of safety, comfort and rest. May you never feel lost in the world or at sea in the changing horizons of life but know that you belong and your life has purpose and meaning.


  1. These are truly magical - you have real skill being able to put these together. My attempts at gingerbread houses have been, well lets just say I dont think I will be winning any awards ;)

    Have just stumbled upon your blog today and have loved reading it, so just off to hit the "follow" button!


  2. The little gingerbread houses are lovely, the stain glassed windows are a truly magical touch...........this blessing of home and the importance of having a safe haven through all lifes troubles and cares is especially significant to me at this moment in time........a lovely heartwarming post. x

  3. Hello Elizabeth - I see I have some catching up to do with your Christmas posts!

    I love your gingerbread houses. I wanted very much to make on this year but there just was not time. I saw the idea of crushing boiled sweets for windows in a cookery book and was captivated by it. Edible stained glass, yum.

    I hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful Christmas.

    Gillian x

  4. A wonderful post Elizabeth. Your gingerbread houses are adorable....and tricky too I imagine.
    I think the the passage at the end of this post it so beautiful and poignant at any time of year , especially Christmas.
    Jacquie x

  5. I love your sentiments at the end of your post. I needed some inspiration today. The houses are great, too. I made a big gingerbread house a few years ago. It was quite a production. I think I prefer your small candle houses. Clever idea.

  6. A wonderful ending to your post. I will have to try the edible glass and think of a way to make this into a stained glass window and give this to my boss...a Bishop! Take care. Chel x

  7. My current house is not straight out of fairy tales (the former one was) but I learn, little by little, to love it ..

  8. The gingerbread houses are delightful and the closing words a blessing. And just now I think I needed reminding that my less than perfect house is definitely my home, so thank you Elizabeth x

  9. Thank you for your blessing.


  10. Thank you for this blessing, and the crushed glacier mints tip, too! Thanks also for your reply to my earlier comment - I can honestly say that your blessing and our prayers are already giving Son 1 more peace, as he's been relaxing and having fun with party preparations instead of worring all the time about his operation.


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