Wednesday, 26 December 2012

On The Second Day of Christmas

Not two turtle doves which, coincidentally, Mary and Joseph brought as gifts to the temple in Jerusalem in thanksgiving for her firstborn baby, an event celebrated at the traditional feast of Candlemas, but presents such as we may have found under our Christmas trees and in our stockings over the last couple of days.

It's always lovely to give and to receive presents and I really dislike articles like one I came across before Christmas, where people are asked to talk about "their worst Christmas presents" which seem to me to encourage a very self-centred way of looking at gift-giving and gift-receiving. Of course some presents will be more welcome than others or more suitable for the recipient than others but that isn't the point. And sometimes the best presents, really are, not the wrapped ones - gifts of shared laughter, friendship, a helping hand or a kind word when we need it. The smile of a stranger or support of a colleague. The patience of family and friends when we are stressed or under pressure. Forgiveness for when we mess up. And, of course, the good news about those gifts is that, although they can be costly to give, they won't make a hole in your bank balance or leave you with a pile of debts in January.

May you be blessed in all you give and in all you receive this Christmas.


  1. Dear E
    I am enjoying reading your blessings posts - I am too quick to criticise and wish for more, but slow to appreciate the many things I do have, especially things that aren't really 'things' such as family and health. Thank you for reminding me, in a gentle but effective way, to give thanks for all that I already have and perhaps take for granted.
    All good wishes for the New Year

  2. A good thought - I am conscious above all of my husband's incredible patience and slowness to 'snipe' back, when I am stressed and taking it out on him! A gift I don't really deserve...

    Thank you, once again, for your blessing!

  3. Aimer, c'est tout donner et se donner soi-même (Ste Thérèse de l'enfant Jésus)
    To love is to give everything, and to give itself
    (j'espère que la traduction est correcte!)
    ...Et, tu as raison, contrairement aux choses que l'on achète, donner de soi-même ne nous appauvrit pas mais nous enrichit !

  4. ... and to give yourself - but I bet you got that anyway! I like Christiane's comment, and I'm popping over to see her blog, if she has one.

  5. Dear Floss,
    I don't have a blog, but I sometimes visit yours, and I live just around the corner from Toulouse !

  6. This did make me Grandad has a tradition of always buying John and I quite dreadful Christmas presents - the best thing that can be said about them is that they are useful. This year he gave me a (plastic) chopping board and John one of those miner's headlamp things, like a torch you strap to your head. I suspect he does it on purpose and is having a little joke with us...

    Gillian x


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