Friday, 28 December 2012

On The Fourth Day of Christmas

Not four colley birds (which, I understand, was the old English term for blackbirds) but four rather gaudy birds made from felt, sequins, beads and little bells. I made a whole flock, for a fund-raising effort, a number of years ago. These ones were left over and they migrate to my white-painted, twig-in-a-pot tree every December.

They are sadly silent, apart from their tinkly, bell feet, but their exotically coloured plumage, (such fun to stitch!), means they really ought to have a song to match! Christmastime is a time when everyone hums a carol or two, even if singing is not their thing. And because it's always good to have a song in one's head ...

May you always be blessed with a metaphorical song in your heart that keeps you looking ahead with expectancy and looking back with a smile. A song that hums in the background and ripples across the present moment in happy harmony.


  1. Now them I like! How lovely. And your blessings are lovely. I particularly liked yesterdays.

  2. Oh, I am going to hold that blessing for my elder son, in particular. He's not got much of a song in his heart at the moment (he's due for an operation in the New Year, and feeling anxious), but I know he can still look ahead to good things, too!

    I have an interesting note about the Colly Birds. While I agree that they're supposed to have been black birds, when I taught the song to a talented French pupil this month and asked her to guess what each gift meant, she was confident on this one: it's a colibris! Could she be right? I like your gaudy birds...

  3. How fascinating about colley birds and colibris! I love the idea of them being humming-birds! i think my felt birds prefer the idea of appearing as exotic humming-birds too rather than plain old English blackbirds! Sending very best wishes to your son with his pending operation - and of course any of the blessings that fit - feel free to pass on. They are for taking and sharing! E x


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