Thursday, 27 December 2012

On The Third Day of Christmas

Not three French hens but three pom-pom snowmen, H and I made, a few years ago.

Snowmen always seem to me to be potentially lonely characters - stuck out there in the cold, usually solitary and with an inevitable, built-in forlornness when they thaw. One of the reasons I love Raymond Briggs' "The Snowman" so much, is because it counters that slight aura of loneliness so entrancingly. These snowmen are not solitary but a little companionable group of like-minded souls. Not quite sure what is going on in their three woolly heads - possibly not a lot by the look of it (!) but even if they look as though they have been at the sloe gin, on the way to their window sill, or are just rather foolish, they seem on the same wavelength as one another and that reminds me of how important it is to have friends who "get us" and how grateful I have been, how grateful I am, to meet like-minded souls in my life.

May you always be blessed with the companionship of others who understand you and who share where you are coming from and may that companionship give you a light step in all you do.


  1. Funny that I have always though snowmen looked a little lonely, too. Always (almost always) alone...after you make one you don't have the energy to make another. So the three look cheerful and maybe they will go out together and sled when you are not looking!

    Hugs from Colorado.

  2. What a lovely idea Elizabeth, to post blessings for the twelve days of Christmas.........your snowmen look very happy to have each other.........friendship is indeed a special blessing. x

  3. Your snowmen are certainly looking at each other! We're preparing for a party on Saturday, and I'm wondering, from time to time, if it wouldn't just be easier not to invite friends round... so reminder that friends are indeed a blessing is very timely! Thank you!

  4. Bless you, dear E! The mental image of your snowmen hitting the gin had me giggling out loud whilst working in our bookshop which caused a number of people to stare rather curiously at me!!! May your year be blessed with good friends and good times, always. xxx

  5. That is the best sort of blessing. Just catching up with your series - what a wonderful idea it is.


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