Thursday 22 December 2022

Advent 2022 - Fast Tracking #26


Today's Challenge: Fast from... one meal of your choosing out of your normal daily routine

Today I am back on track with my Advent challenge as skipping breakfast meant I could get on with other stuff today without delay and the rest of the day's meals have been a motley assortment of left-overs before playing the annual game of fridge-tetris where I try to pack what seems like all the residents of the Bethlehem stable into one manger. Never mind 'no room at the inn', it's no room in the fridge, this year and every year! 

I may have to resort to the heavy guns and get H to repack the whole thing. I avoid this, if I can, as I tend to get a raft of derogatory comments about my inefficient use of space and opprobrious remarks about my containers of whey and the like but I have one cloven-footed critter and one winged one to get in there and assistance may be necessary! I am inspecting the mild weather forecast with a slightly jaundiced eye - a temperature of around zero outside is a huge help at this time of year as one can simply turn one's car into a mobile, temporary, additional fridge so long as one doesn't forget its new purpose and turn the heating on when travelling anywhere!

Advent is drawing to a close and although I have eaten, pretty well, I think, over these last few weeks, I am looking forward to indulging without any particular restraint over Christmas. The feeling of appreciation and looking forward to even very simple things has been magnified hugely for me with this little project.   

And instead of arriving at Christmas having overindulged with the gloomy prospect of having to make stringent cut-backs once January arrives, I have the opposite. What is not to like?!

I hope to have a final couple of posts for the last remaining two days of Advent but although they will have an element of constraint as I still have two doors to open on my Advent calendar, they will also be more celebratory in feel as Christmas begins in earnest - after all, that was the whole point of my little Advent challenge in the first place. 
E x

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